[Can I drink coconut juice for a cough]_Cold_Impact


[Can I drink coconut juice for a cough]_Cold_Impact

Hainan is located in the southern tip of China and has a tropical climate. Due to its unique climate, too many coconut trees have grown. The coconut juice produced by coconut trees is a special drink in Hainan. Even Hainan people like it. Coconut juice is available throughout the country.Although coconut juice is delicious, it is not suitable for all people. So, for patients with cough and cold, can I drink coconut juice?

8 types of stomach, spleen and stomach deficiency that are not suitable for inhaling coconut water: Friends of this type have weak digestive function due to their cold stomach.

Once too much coconut water is likely to make the spleen and stomach more serious, causing diarrhea, diarrhea and other symptoms, pay more attention.

The spleen is wet and easy to get tired: In addition to those with spleen and stomach deficiency, you should add more accidents. If you find yourself easily inexplicable, you may have a heavy temper and a “virtual fire” caused by the upper body.

It is not the coconut water that has the effect of eliminating and antipyretic effect, which will not cause fatigue and even worse feeling of weakness!

Weak kidney qi and frequent urination: As for friends who are prone to frequent urination, nocturia, and weak kidney qi, it is not advisable to fill too much diuretic coconut water, so as not to affect the body and lead to decreased sleep quality.

Have cold wheeze, cold cough, and hypertension symptoms: Those who often have chills, are prone to headaches, and are accompanied by wind cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, cough, and pain. It is also not recommended to consume natural cold coconut water to avoid exacerbation of symptoms.

Deficiency of uterus: Deficiency of uterus, prone to dysmenorrhea during menstrual periods, cold hands and feet, women who need heat to relieve discomfort during menstrual periods, do not recommend the use of coconut water; interfere with blood circulation and affect the normal operation of uterine function.

In particular, women with gynecological diseases such as endometriosis and chocolate cysts need to be more careful.

Early Pregnancy: The timing of pregnant mommy’s pregnant coconut water should also pay special attention!

It is generally believed that the first trimester of pregnancy, that is, 3 months before the pregnancy process; as it was a critical stage of gradual development, it was very important to keep the uterine environment warm.

Therefore, it is not recommended that Mommy consume foods that are cool in nature such as coconut water at this time, so as not to affect the fetal hair.

Pregnant moms want to rely on coconut water. It is recommended that the fetal phase be stable after 7 months of pregnancy; and it is easy to feel dry and itchy skin, dry mouth, constipation, and poor sleep quality due to fetal fire. It can be placed appropriately.

In order to achieve the effect of eliminating summer heat, refreshing and quenching thirst, to alleviate the above discomfort.

Morning sickness: Internet rumors say, “a person who injects a moderate amount of coconut water can help replenish sugar to maintain physical strength.

However, in response to this statement, Chinese medicine believes that the cause of morning sickness is mainly related to cold stomach.

Therefore, in terms of conditioning, it is naturally not recommended to add natural cool coconut water, so that the symptoms will not be exacerbated.

Postpartum confinement: Due to the deficiency and stasis of physical fitness in postpartum women, there is also a need to accelerate uterine contraction and help detoxify the lochia.

Therefore, in terms of conditioning, we need to start from the perspective of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

In addition, postpartum women have open pores and weak resistance.

Therefore, in the care, hair dryers should be avoided, and cold and cold foods should be avoided. Naturally, it is not suitable to place coconut water that is cooler in nature, so as to keep blood and blood flowing smoothly, allow the uterus to recover smoothly, and lochia to be discharged smoothly.

[How to make chili fried sea cucumber]_Recommended diet


[How to make chili fried sea cucumber]_Recommended diet

Chili fried sea cucumber is a very delicious dish. The combination of peppers can not only enrich the color of the dish, but also increase the appetite of the human body. In this way, while eating sea cucumber, it can also absorb the refreshing taste of peppers, and the taste will not be too muchsingle.

The following is a detailed explanation of the practice of pepper fried sea cucumber, and the brake can be tried at home.

First, buy the ingredients and prepare the seasoning.

Soak fresh sea cucumbers in a container of salt water to eliminate related impurities in the body.

After removing it for processing, wash it several times and cut it into pieces of appropriate size.

Choose the type of pepper to buy according to the degree of spicy food you like. It can be pointed pepper or red pepper, and it can be evenly matched.

Clean the peppers, wash them, and cut into suitable shapes.

Then, place the sea cucumbers in a pot with boiling water for 2 minutes and remove them.

Next, prepare a clean pan, wait for the pan to heat, add the right amount of oil, and add the minced shallot, ginger, and watercress, hot sauce to saut茅, and add the dried red pepper segments, red pepper, and hot pepper.stir fry.

Finally, add the chopped sea cucumber, stir fry quickly, then change to low heat to continue frying.

You can add the right amount of starch juice to make the dish more delicious, until the juice is cooked and ready to serve, put on a plate for ingestion!

With hot rice, it can also be prepared as a stewed dish of noodles, which is all delicious.

The refreshing chili fried sea cucumber is finished. In fact, the method is particularly simple and easy to operate, and there are no complicated steps.

Just note that the selection of sea cucumber must be fresh, otherwise it will affect the taste and taste of the whole dish.

At the same time, you can also choose the specific operation method according to your preferences, and you can try it out boldly!

China Merchants Highway (001965): The performance is in line with expectations The tail-spinning effect of road property acquisitions leads to faster growth

China Merchants Highway (001965): The performance is in line with expectations The tail-spinning effect of road property acquisitions leads to faster growth

The 1H results are in line with our expected 1H revenue36.

88 ppm, one year + 35%; gross profit exceeds + 27%, 杭州夜网 gross profit margin drops 3 ppt; net profit attributable to mother 23.

01 yuan, corresponding to a relative profit of 0.

37 yuan a year + 14%.

2Q revenue grew 41% per year and net profit increased 12% per year, in line with our expectations of 14% annual growth.

1H investment income increased 8% to 18 in ten years.

US $ 0.7 billion (mainly a joint venture highway company), contributing 66% of the profit margin, ranking slightly above 1 ppt in the past year, mainly due to higher profit growth brought by the acquisition of controlling highways.

Main stock companies: Ninghu Expressway and Shandong Expressway, due to the disposable income of the same period last year, contributed to the continuous increase in investment income during the period.

1H’s main business sub-segments: Investment and operation (including 西安耍耍网 highway and photovoltaic operations) revenue / gross accounted for 72% / 95% of total revenue / gross gross profit, and revenue / gross margin exceeded 26% / 24% growth.The tailspin effect of the acquisition of road products (increased the revenue of Chongqing, Guizhou for 4 months, Shanghai and Chongqing for 4 months, and Fufu for 6 months), the total traffic flow / income increased by 11% / 10%, and the endogenous increase was 5%/ 3%.

The revenue of the transportation technology sector (CASC) increased by 53% each year, and the gross profit increased by 82%, and the business was developing well. The smart transportation sector currently has a smaller volume, but it is growing faster, with revenue increasing by 245%, and gross profit increasing by 9 times.

Financial situation: Financial expenses increase by 80% per year (increments of 2.

US $ 1.2 billion, mainly due to new bond issuance and new interest-bearing debts from newly acquired companies since the second half of 2018.

The company’s final account has 9.6 billion in monetary funds.

Asset-liability ratio is 41%. It is estimated to increase 3PPT at the beginning of the period, but it is still healthy to divide with peers.

Development Trends We expect the net profit of 2H to exceed the growth rate to be slower than 1H, which is mainly based on the absence of the tailspin effect of acquisitions. The increase in tolls on the holding section will return to the endogenous growth of single digits.

We expect that the company will continue to actively acquire road property in recent years, and the revenue and profit of the main road industry will maintain a double-digit growth.

At the same time, we suggest to pay attention to the growth of transportation technology and intelligent transportation in the company’s highway industry chain.

Earnings forecasts and projections maintain 2019/20 net profit forecasts44.

1.2 billion (+ 13% y / y) / 50.

95 percent (+ 16%).

At present, it generally corresponds to 2019/20.

1x / 9.

6 times price-earnings ratio, 3.

6% / 4.

2% dividend yield.

We maintain our Outperform Industry Rating and Target Price of 10.

20 yuan, corresponding to April 2019/20.

3 times / 12.

4 times price-earnings ratio, 29% growth potential.

The risk industry policies are negative; economic growth is less than expected; capital costs increase.

Taoli Bread (603866) Company In-Depth Report: Taoli Barriers Solidify Leading National Expansion

Taoli Bread (603866) Company In-Depth Report: Taoli Barriers Solidify Leading National Expansion

Core point of view The industry has a lot of room for growth, and the central + wholesale model breeds leading players.

The growth rate of the bread industry reached 14 in 18 years.

5%, a sub-industry with accelerated growth in the baking industry, continued to grow rapidly in 2000.

At present, the average per capita bread consumption is only 1.

8 pounds, still the lowest.

In the future, the average per capita consumption of bread in Japan, Hong Kong, and developing countries with similar dietary habits 合肥夜网in Japan, Hong Kong, and developing countries will be increased by 5 times through westernization, convenience, and health of the diet, and the development potential is still huge.

The bread industry operating format can be divided into four stages. Among them, according to Japanese experience, the central factory + wholesale model is dominant in the consumption growth stage.

The Japanese leader Yamazaki Bread has rapidly achieved nationalization through the wholesale model during the increase in industry volume, and has become Japan’s first baking leader.

The central factory + wholesale model has stronger scale advantages than the chain store model, is easier to expand, has a wider product positioning audience, and is more likely to enjoy the industry volume increase bonus. It is the best soil for cultivating industry leaders.

The operation mode is fine and the three major barriers are strong.

Three major barriers of Tao Li: (1) Brand: The company has established factories across the country. The number of factories and sales scale are much higher than those of its peers.

The scale advantage is obvious, and the products are continuously upgraded. Taoli has built a brand image of high quality and high cost performance, and has strong brand power.

(2) Channels: Tao Li mainly focuses on direct management, direct management, and two-pronged distribution, channel expansion and intensive cultivation.

In the direct sales model, the sales team has sophisticated operations and high returns; the dealer system is exclusive and has strong channel control.

Taoli’s early channel construction was slow, but its stability was high.

Strong exclusivity, strong control of channels under its own business personnel to develop the market, and the distributor system specializing in Tao Li has established strong channel barriers.

(3) Logistics: Adopting a two-level logistics system and dealer distribution mode, with large upfront expenditures, but a high degree of freedom in the distribution system, strong exclusivity, and strong company control over logistics

Taoli can use its demand assessment system to fine-tune production and distribution, and its conversion and operation capabilities far exceed the industry average. The return rate is only 7-8%.

Pioneering has been effective at the beginning, and nationalization has steadily advanced.

The company has begun its expansion process from the northeast and currently has factories in 17 regions.

Tao Li has been actively adding capacity to expand the situation where funding is sought. In the future, the Central China, East China and South China factories will be put into production. The new capacity is expected to ease the situation of supply and demand substitution.

New market factories are generally profitable in about 2-3 years. At present, the Dongguan subsidiary has turned a profit.

With the completion of the subsequent projects, the plant has been put into production and the production capacity is sufficient, the company can gradually cover the blank area through the wholesale model, and the new plant is expected to turn a profit.

With the gradual improvement of production capacity and channel layout, national expansion is proceeding steadily.

Profit forecast and investment suggestions: It is expected that the company’s revenue will increase by 17 in 19-21.

7%, 18.

4% versus 18.

8%, company net profit +17.

4%, +20.

8%, +21.

3%, EPS is 1.

60, 1.

93, 2.

35 yuan, the corresponding PE is 35.

5, 29.


2 times.

The short-term insurance leader Taoli has significant scale advantages, strong channel penetration, and efficient logistics.杭州桑拿网 It is still in the golden period under national expansion and maintains a “recommended” rating. Risk warning: Nationalization is not up to expectations, risks of rising raw material prices, food safety incidents.