[How much wine is used for wolfberry sparkling wine]_Brew_How to make


[How much wine is used for wolfberry sparkling wine]_Brew_How to make

In real life, Chinese wolfberry is a common plant herbal medicine for us. Chinese wolfberry contains high medicinal value, which can effectively treat some physical diseases, can also prevent body vascular diseases, protect the human liver’s efficacy,Very good, and wolfberry sparkling wine is also a kind of medicinal wine, which can reduce blood pressure to the body and improve personal immunity.

How much wine is suitable for wolfberry sparkling wine?

Chinese wolfberry sparkling wine Chinese wolfberry sparkling wine is brewed with 200 grams of Chinese wolfberry and wine, which has the functions of nourishing qi and stomach, nourishing kidney and strengthening essence, and eliminating fatigue.

It is suitable for those who have tired limbs, insomnia, cold stomach and impotence.

Modern medical research proves that wolfberry has immune regulation, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, kidney, liver protection, eyesight, beauty, brain health, detoxification, protection of the reproductive system,Sixteen functions such as anti-radiation damage.

In addition, it can reduce the whitening effect, because wolfberry can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen.

Wolfberry is a traditional and precious Chinese medicinal material and nutritional tonic.

Wolfberry can effectively inhibit the production of vitamins and can be used for cancer complications.

In addition to the use of Chinese medicine, wolfberry is also an item that is both food and medicine according to the Ministry of Health.

Do not overdose any tonic, and wolfberry is no exception.

Approximately, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of wolfberry per day; treatment can be increased to 30 grams.

Wolfberry should be eaten often, not in large quantities at one time.

In addition, medlar has a high sugar content, which is 19 per 100 grams of sugar.

3 grams, so the amount of wolfberry should be weighed against the diabetic patients, carefully consider, diabetic patients should be used with caution, not excessive.

Now, many animal experiments on the toxicity of wolfberry have proved that wolfberry is a very safe food, which does not contain any toxins and can be consumed for a long time.

Although wolfberry has good nourishing and therapeutic effects, it is not suitable for all people.

How much wine is used for wolfberry sparkling wine?

Goji berry wine is better to use about 50 degrees.

The basis is that too low alcohol concentration is not conducive to effective dissolution in Chinese medicinal materials, while alcohol concentration is too high, and sometimes a small amount of water in the medicinal materials is absorbed, and the use of medicinal materials is hard and the effective ingredients are difficult to dissolve.

For those who are not good at drinking or because of medical conditions, low-alcohol, rice wine, rice wine, or fruit wine can be used, but the leaching time should be appropriately extended, or the number of recurrences should be appropriately increased to ensure that the effective ingredients in the drug are surging.Out.
What wine is used for wolfberry sparkling wine?

1. There are a lot of pure grain wines in the market that are blended with artificial flavors. This kind of wine may make people uncomfortable to drink, and it will not work well when brewing medicinal wine.

When you use liquor, you can use pure grain wine made from different crops such as corn, wheat, rice, etc. to brew medicinal wine. This requires the medicine to be dissolved.

2. When high-concentration liquor is brewed, you need to use high-concentration liquor to brew medicine. This is because high-concentration alcohol can inhale the active ingredients in the medicine into the wine, so everyone can fully drink the liquor.Cobalt has medicinal value.

3, many kinds of medicinal materials of fragrance-flavored spirits may have a certain taste after the brewing of the spirits, and there may be a bitter taste. Then, at this time, everyone uses the fragrance-flavored spirits to brew pharmaceutical wine.It tastes more fragrant and has no odor.

How to make wolfberry sparkling wine?

1. Instead of liquor at around 50 degrees, or choose a good sorghum liquor, the ratio of wolfberry to wine is generally 20 to 50 grams of wolfberry per pound of liquor, or the dosage can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the physical constitution or the amount of wine.

2. Pay attention when selecting wolfberry. There are many types of wolfberry. Generally, it is best to choose Ningxia wolfberry. It is recommended to go to a pharmacy for purchase.

The quantity is about 3 catties.

Wolfberry does not need to be cleaned too much so as not to wash off its medicinal properties.

3. Select some medicinal materials that can be used with wolfberry to make wine, such as ginseng, red dates, etc. After adding all the medicinal materials to the wine, you can add rock sugar to flavor, and the amount of rock sugar can be appropriately increased or decreased according to personal preference.

[How to make flour ham sausage]_Ham making_How to make


[How to make flour ham sausage]_Ham making_How to make

Chinese pasta culture has a long history, there are many kinds of pasta, and they are also very delicious.

Chinese chefs have the difference between the red case and the white case. The white case is the point master.

Among all kinds of pasta, flour ham sausage is a very delicious pasta.

The flour and ham sausage condiment is made of flour and ham sausage, which tastes delicate and has a good aftertaste.

So how to make flour ham sausage is delicious?

Ingredients for flour ham sausage: flour, shallots, ham sausage, yeast, salt, baking soda, oil.

Method: 1. Use warm water to open the yeast, pour the flour into the container, add a little salt, pour the yeast water, stir with flour and chopsticks to form dough, then knead the dough.

2. Cover the kneaded dough with cling film to proof.

3, cut the shallots into small pieces, cut the ham sausage into fine dices.

Place the shallots in a bowl and mix with a little baking soda.

(Add a bit of baking soda to the onion, so that the onion will not turn yellow.

) 4. When the dough is proofed to a double size, pull the dough to have a nice honeycomb shape, and the dough will wake up.

5. Sprinkle flour on the cardboard, remove the dough, and rub out the air bubbles inside.

6. Roll the dough into thin skins.

Brush with a thin layer of cooking oil.

7. Sprinkle a layer of onion and ham sausage evenly, and roll the dough from both sides to the middle.

8. Roll the dough and cut off the head.

Then cut the rolled leather with a knife and cut it every two times.

(Do not cut the first knife.

) 9. Spread the cut leather and try to insert the four sides into a corner.

Put in a steamer to proof for 10 to 15 minutes.

10, cold water to open fire and steam, after the water is boiling for another 15 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 2 minutes.

This pasta is ready. It looks good and delicious. It’s especially convenient to make. It’s better than white buns.

The first presidential office speech first introduces the wall

The first presidential office speech first introduces the “wall”
US President Donald is scheduled to deliver a national television speech at the White House Oval Office for the first time on the evening of the 8th in an attempt to convince more Americans to support the construction of the border wall.  Democrats in Congress watched the construction of walls as a waste of money, inefficiency, and lack of morality. They insisted on not allowing the bill containing the cost of building the walls. Some federal government agencies have closed this for more than half a month.  [Announcement from the White House]The White House confirmed and issued a television speech in the Oval Office at 9 pm EST on the 8th (10 pm Beijing time).  Major U.S. television media have agreed to rebroadcast, including ABC, CBS, Cable News Network, Fox News Channel, and National Broadcasting Corporation.  Generally speaking, the White House Oval Office TV lecture is the most 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 solemn form of speech by the President of the United States.The Associated Press reports that this will be acknowledged to be the first speaker there since taking office in January 2017.  Congress is initially required to allocate more than $ 5 billion to build a separation wall along the southwestern-Mexico border to honor existing commitments.This stage was met with fierce opposition from the Democratic Party, and the budget bill including the cost of building the wall could not be passed.A quarter of the federal government’s agencies have closed since December 22 last year, killing 800,000 employees.  In addition to issuing a speech notice, the White House called Sarah Sanders confirmed through social media that the transition to the southern border on the 10th did not specify the itinerary.Reuters explained that the target area is facing the prominence and national security crisis.  [Democrats want equality]After the White House notice was released, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement on the evening of the 7th that major television stations should give Democrats the same voice.duration.  Now that the TV station has decided to broadcast the president ‘s speech, believing that there have been malicious statements and misinformation in his previous speeches, the Democrats must get equal broadcast time.  Some federal agencies have been shut down for the third week.The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives seeks to promote the adoption of a new version of the supplementary bill to bring these institutions back into operation one by one.  Regarding the replacement of concrete walls with steel barriers as mentioned on the 6th, the democratic side responded, saying that they opposed building isolation barriers, no matter what kind of material the barrier was made of.  White House leader Mercedes Schrapp said that Democratic leaders have not come up with what they call an enhanced border security program. Democrats want to guarantee border security?Great, come to the negotiating table.We want to reach an agreement on the government’s reopening.  [State of emergency to be determined]US Vice President Mike Pence said on the 7th that no decision has been made on the state of emergency for the time being.  The previous 4th threatened to use presidential authority to bypass Congress and declare a national emergency by building a wall.  Burns said White House aides have been studying the feasibility of the plan and the judicial challenges the government may face following the state of emergency.  Regarding the possibility of declaring a national emergency, Democrat Adam Smith, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, told CNN: No doubt there is no emergency.But if you ask me, can you declare a national emergency?The answer is yes.But that would be wrong decision, terrible policy.I’m totally contradictory.(Du Juan) (Xinhua News Agency Special) Original title: The first presidential office speech will gradually introduce the “separation wall”

Jiangsu Leasing (600901): Focusing on serving small and medium-sized ROE industries, leading the practice of “financial supply-side structural reform”

Jiangsu Leasing (600901): Focusing on serving small and medium-sized ROE industries, leading the practice of “financial supply-side structural reform”

Jiangsu Leasing’s business model is highly in line with the direction of “financial supply-side structural reform” 1) On February 22, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out “increasing the number and proportion of business of small and medium-sized financial institutions, improving small and micro enterprises and financial services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers.”

It can be seen that the adjustment of the internal structure of indirect financing (focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises), as well as the promotion of direct financing and the development of the capital market, is also the focus of “financial supply-side structural reform”.

During the two sessions, Guo Shuqing, secretary of the People ‘s Bank of China ‘s party committee and chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, clearly stated that “solving loans to small and micro enterprises and private enterprises, credit support, and financial support is the most important component of financial supply-side structural reforms”.

2) Jiangsu Leasing was established in 1985. It is one of the enterprises that initially carried out financial leasing business in China. It is also the first domestic financial leasing company listed on the A-share market.

The company’s development 杭州桑拿网 philosophy is “serving small and medium-sized enterprises, serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and serving people’s livelihood.” The business model is “deep into the market, differentiated marketing, provide differentiated products different from bank loans, and resolve SME financing difficulties through multiple channels.”The total proportion of receivable financing leases accounted for more than 90%.

Customers further “sinked” in 2018, with 2,457 new contracts in the first half of 2018, an annual increase of 201%.

“Focus on small and medium-sized enterprises” goes beyond policy guidance (we can expect further favorable policies), it can also improve bargaining power, diversify asset risks, and the market has a broad future.

The ROE of Jiangsu Leasing has been in the top two in the industry (stable over 15%) since 2015. The NPL ratio is stable below 1%, and the net interest margin has been higher than 3% for a long time. The decline in market interest rates is conducive to the improvement of net interest margins and counter-cyclical adjustment of macroeconomic policies.Conducive to improving the NPL ratio 1) The duration of assets leased by Jiangsu is significantly longer than the duration of negative debts. The maturity period of interest-bearing debt of the company is generally within one year, and the collection period of the company’s financial lease is generally more than three years.

Therefore, while the company has liquidity risks, it can obviously benefit from the increase in net interest margin brought by the decline in market interest rates.

2) The Central Economic Working Conference proposed that “macro policies should strengthen counter-cyclical adjustments”. At present, these policies are supporting SMEs and private enterprises. This macro environment is also conducive to improving the asset quality of Jiangsu Leasing, which focuses on SMEs.

Investment suggestion: Jiangsu Leasing “Serving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Serving Agriculture, Countryside, Peasants and People ‘s Livelihoods” has long been advocating the direction of “financial supply-side structural reform”. At present, policies such as counter-cyclical adjustments, wide currency and wide credit are clearly beneficial to Jiangsu LeasingImproved net interest margin and NPL ratio.

The financial leasing industry has broad space for development, and Jiangsu Leasing’s profitability ranks at the forefront of the industry, and its development trend is good.

We expect earnings per share for 2018-2020 to be zero.



58 yuan, net profit growth rate was 13 respectively.

97% / 24.

39% / 20.


The company’s market development space is broad, business growth breakthroughs, and the company’s unique business model, there is no clear comparable company, so we consider using PEG pricing.

Based on the above assumptions, the 2018-2020 net profit composite advantage is 19.

51%, given 19.

5x 2019PE, corresponding to a target price of 9.

36 yuan, covering the legal “buy” rating for the first time.

Risk reminders: The rising interest rate affects the company’s financing costs; the increase in the bad debt ratio of investment projects; the liquidity risk caused by the mismatch of capital terms;